Our made up list of Nouveau cooking terms – feel free to use them in your recipes or everyday conversations!

Nibbles – (n.) Small snacks/meals that we will make that aren’t necessarily full blown recipe explorations. Basically an “everything else” category, perfect for eating while you cook more substantial fare!

Hunger(s) – (v. adj. n.) We’ve expanded the purpose of this word to make it more applicable to daily life! You can now safely express your need to eat by saying any of the following:
– “I hunger!”
– “I have hungerr!”
– “I’m hungerrs!!”
or just simply gurgling “HUNGERRRSSSSS”


Max Heads – (n.) A unit of measurement by which Max tries to convey the overall experience of exploring a recipe. Supposedly more (up to 5) Max heads is better, but I guess we’ll never really know…


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