Nibbles! Figlings!



So school is starting, which means posts might be a little slow (hopefully not too slow, though!) This is a little remnant from the summer where I ran a trip to Trader Joe’s and for some reason decided to combine pork dumplings and figs (of course).

The sweetness of the fig when paired with a chili vinegar soy sauce actually works. Also this is super quick to make so makes for a perfect nibble!



Nibbles! Double Feature

Hey Guys!

So it’s been pretty quiet around here recently, but we’ve got some good excuses! (not really) I actually had a whole post planned out with pictures taken and everything, but then my harddrive failed and I didn’t get a chance to back up the latest photos – so that was kind of a bummer. Also, Connie’s been back home and without us being in the same city to motivate each other, it’s been pretty slow.

Which isn’t to say that I haven’t been cooking! I just haven’t really been following recipes. So I figured who not post a little to give you guys a taste of what I made with bits and pieces from home – here we go:

IMG_7914 IMG_7902

1) Openface Beef+Mushroom+Spinach Sandwich and 2) Chicken Tom Yum

1) It’s literally what it sounds like. From the bottom up:

– Whole wheat bread, toasted
– Herb + garlic goat cheese
– Spinach and mushrooms sautéed in garlic and shallots, salted
– Beef seared in a pan
– Fried egg
2) Mostly followed this recipe

Made with rice noodles, chicken, and mushrooms
garnished with cilantro
Had to improvise and make due without kaffir lime leaves and tamarind


Hopefully there will be more to come! Cheers!


IMG_7328 copy

Hey y’all!

I’m definitely not Southern. I don’t even think I’ve been to the South (besides a family trip to Florida and another to Texas). So I’m not quite sure why I used “y’all”. But hey, apparently modern English is the only Indo-European language with just one form of the word “you”, so maybe we need an informal version!

In any case, it’s Connie (just in case you couldn’t tell it wasn’t Max by the excessive babbling), and this is my very first post on this blog! I’m currently typing this with very red-stained (not blood, don’t worry) hands from Max’s beets earlier.

This past Tuesday, it was one of my good friend (and current roommate)’s birthdays, and so Monday night I whipped up some chocolate cupcakes to surprise her (quick shout-out to Mama-I-Am! Love you girl <3). With little over an hour before midnight, I decided to give it my best shot and make everything from scratch.

Recipes used:

  • Chocolate Cupcake Recipe – The Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake Test Baked by 50 Bakers and Counting, found at Cupcake Project here
  • My Favorite Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe, also found at Cupcake Project here


  • I opted not to add coffee in my cupcakes, mostly because I don’t have a coffee maker or really access to one as far as I know of. Also, I’m not such a fan of instant coffee, nor do I own any.
  • I used Nestle dark chocolate chips for my chocolate, and Hersheys Cocoa Powder for that choice (for the frosting as well).
  • I was unable to find cupcake liners, so I used nonstick cooking spray on my nonstick cupcake pan, and everything turned out alright, though I do wish I had the cupcake liners for aesthetics’ sake.
  • I used slightly less powdered sugar than was called for (approx. 2.5 cups), and because I had none in my room, I used my handy dandy Magic Bullet to grind up regular granulated sugar. It kind of worked, though my frosting is probably slightly grainier than it should be.


This is the lightest cupcake batter I have ever seen. Perhaps it’s because of the sour cream, or the not-very-much flour, but the batter before it’s poured actually feels extremely light and airy, which I found very interesting and quite pleasant. I somehow made 20 cupcakes from this 16 cupcake recipe, but it’s now been 2 full days, and I have just 2 left, with very few people involved in the eating process. I can only conclude that they were good. This is most definitely a recipe I’ll make again.

Also, I am most definitely not a frosting person (generally I scrape the frosting off of my cakes because I find it a bit too teeth-hurtingly sweet), but I really enjoy this frosting. That’s also probably a good thing, considering I probably have almost 2 cups left of it… the one thing it does mean is MORE CUPCAKES HOORAY. My waistline is crying a miserable pitiful plaintive cry.


Unfortunately I have no pictures from the day of the birthday when the cupcakes were actually (nearly) beautiful, but I gave Max one today to eat for dessert! Since the frosting came directly out of the fridge, it pretty much refused to spread, resulting in the rather less attractive lump-smear in this photo. Lesson learned: frosting should be room temperature before applying. Max chose to decorate it with the 4 pomegranate seeds you see.

Overall? I’d consider this recipe trial a pretty resounding success. I managed to finish before midnight and trick roommate into thinking they weren’t for her, only to surprise her at the front door with a plateful (and the lovely Mama Son, another roommate/friend). The recipe was super fun and really straightforward, and definitely one pretty much anyone could do. There are delicious cupcakes in my room (though not for long, I have a feeling), a container of yummy frosting in the fridge, and happy tummies all around.