So what’s the deal with this blog?


This is a blog about food and our love for it. As relatively online-savvy young adults, this love for food has naturally translated into FOOD BLOG OBSESSION. This is exacerbated by feelings of hunger and attraction to shiny beautiful things.

There comes a point every day when you think to yourself, “HMM. I’M SUPER HUNGERS.” No? Maybe that’s just us, then.

There have been many times as we sat at our fake granite counter-top that we’ve reminisced about that (beautiful, wonderful) food blog that we read last night, the one with the stunning photos and mouthwateringly delicious-looking meal. Dare we attempt that dish? We can see it there in our mind’s eye, clear as day. We’re just two (poor, busy, confused) college students who love looking at food blogs (SO PRETTY) and throwing things in pans (SO FUN). No, we thought, it’s too complicated, we’re too inexperienced, it will all go wrong.


IMG_7304(these are our serious faces)

This blog is a catalogue of all our attempts to capture the magic of food blogs in our very own (kind of) food blog, where we blog about trying recipes from food blogs all around the internet!

Here’s the lowdown on how it happens:

  • Max and/or Connie sees wonderful, beautiful recipe on food blog somewhere around the interwebs.
  • Max and/or Connie tries wonderful, beautiful recipe in real life, documenting along the way, with varying success.
  • Max and/or Connie blogs about wonderful, beautiful recipe, detailing successes and failures for (hopefully) your enjoyment!

Who the heck are you guys?

IMG_7300 - Version 2Meet Max:

Max is a kid who’s spent much much more of his life looking at and eating and thinking about and eating food than actually cooking it. Supposedly known as the “artsy” one to his friends and acquaintances, you would not be surprised to find Max hovering over his dish with a camera trying to capture it for no real reason at all (he doesn’t really ever even use instagram, I swear!)

Two things Max values most about food are aesthetics and the number of food groups that can be fit into a single dish. So basically if you manage to construct a beautiful real life food pyramid, you’ve pretty much won Max over. He’s a big fan of combining unexpected flavours (yes, even fruit in savory dishes) Also, excessively complicated techniques (poaching eggs, making brittles) and frou frou plating impress him to no end.

Despite his love of food, Max doesn’t really know his way around a kitchen that well (“how much oil is enough oil?”) and often overlooks the little things (“you have to wash garlic?) in his excitement to prepare a picture-perfect platter. Still, he tries to make up for his lack of experience with gusto and a willingness to tackle any recipe if it’s accompanied by pretty images (unless it involves baking)! Here’s to hoping he doesn’t burn any houses down.

Meet Connie:


Connie’s greatest cooking achievement to date isn’t really a cooking achievement at all. Still, she’s rather proud of the fact that she once made a red velvet cake from scratch with no mixing tools other than a pair of chopsticks and a fork. The frosting (cream cheese, of course) was thankfully store-bought. She recently acquired a handheld electric mixer though, and so those dark ages are over; A WHOLE NEW WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES HAS OPENED UP. Thus you can be sure there will be plenty baked on this blog (despite its initial premise).

In terms of cooking, Connie’s usual style is to just cut all of her ingredients, usually a colorful variety of various vegetables and occasionally meat, and throw it all in a pan to be stir-fried and seasoned with just salt. It’s a simple method that’s served her well in the past. It is time, however, to venture into the great wide world and try new things, like poaching (though she’s still not sold at all on runny eggs), sauce-making (previously considered too hard and sometimes excessive), beets and other heretofore untasted foods, and soup-making (definitely the most exciting of the bunch). It is time to put to good use that sea of food blog tabs and bookmarks that is her Google Chrome, the uninvestigated recipe links saved on her computer for the past 4 years. It is time to test the very limits of her cooking ability.

IT IS TIME. <cue super dramatic Lion King music (“Grasslands Chant” FTW)>


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