Yum! Neua!


So in case you were confused by that title, Yum Neua is basically a spicy Thai beef salad! I’ve been missing home since being at school over the summer and thought I’d cook some up after spotting some choice looking skirt steak at the supermarket. Let’s get into it!

IMG_8628 IMG_8630

I roughly followed this recipe for the dressing/marinade of the salad but made some adjustments as I’m sure you’ll see.

Obviously the “hero” (thanks Gordon Ramsey) of the dish was going to be this awesome meat and I wasn’t sure how to go about maximizing the flavour/ not overcooking such a thin cut so obviously I did some research!
After following these simple tricks to getting a perfect skirt steak – I’d say my meat turned out pretty good-looking.


I’ll admit I had some trouble slicing them into even slices, but after I finished eating I cooked up another section of beef and better got the hang of it!

(+1 knife skill achievement)
I was a little concerned about the meat being a little rare, but then remembered that the lime in the dressing would further cook it a bit so no worries there!


Mm Everything looked pretty good as it was coming



But of course I couldn’t just leave it

like that! (It wouldn’t be a real Max dish without some weird substitution) I substituted the cherr

y tomatoes in the recipe for some fresh raspberries, which I hoped would still give it a kick while complimenting the



I also cooked up a portion of rice (a boy’s gotta eat!) and though usually yum neua would be but one small dish of many, I was obviously too lazy to  cook anything else. I threw some cucumbers on the side to help me to combat the spice, but it turns out I didn’t really need them. In the future I’ll definitely throw some more chilis in.

So, the final verdict:

My ratings!:
Dishliciousness : 9/10 – The sauce was SO GOOD. So simple but really brought me back to my mom’s cooking and I think had a really good balance. I also kind of liked that I added raspberries, though it might not be for everyone. Also the skirt steak tips really did it and ensured the beef was super tender and flavourful.

Recipe difficulty: 3/10 – It was actually super simple to throw everything together (considering there was little cooking involved)

Overall experience: 4 Max heads out of 5 – Definitely going to make this all the time now